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InSite Solution Technologies

InSite solutions are based upon modern software technologies that combine the best characteristics of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM). All solutions are built using robust application frameworks specially crafted by InSite from years of experience delivering production-class workflow applications to enterprise customers.

Leveraging the InSite frameworks, our solutions are delivered as process-centric, composite applications that can be configured to suit client-specific requirements while minimizing the need to write a lot of custom code. Business rules and process logic are completely separated from user applications, allowing workflows to be modified as business needs change.

InSite implements technology-enabled solutions based upon the following core architectural principles:

  • Abstract and decouple business processes from the underlying technology
  • Implement all system functions and interfaces as standard web services
  • Deliver rich user applications as mashups of configurable widgets
  • Support functional extensibility without impacting the running system
  • Allow contextual access to and integration of existing systems-of-record
  • Provide role-based data and application-level security for system users
  • Support standard corporate network and data connection protocols

InSite also supports the leading Windows-based cloud services platforms, giving customers their choice of either premise-based or fully hosted solutions.

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